Traveller Eviction

What is Traveller Occupancy?

In a situation where a landowner finds out that his vacant property such as a house, plot or piece of land is occupied illegally by a traveller, the top priority is to initiate a traveller eviction process without any delay. Learning about illegal occupancy on your property is not an ideal scenario; however, it is not a situation without solutions, and you need to start checking out your options for peaceful removal of travellers from your property.

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Why Do Travellers Settle on a Vacant Property?

In most cases, it is just a matter of convenience. A traveller or a group of travellers find vacant premises without any supervisions and checks in place. As these travellers have little items on them, they move into the premises and settle. What makes matters more complicated is that most of these vacant properties are in an area where either the owner exhibits little observation or anyone else notice an anomaly. As time passes these travellers fully settle in the house and may even move in furniture and other items. Eventually, when the property owner learns about such prolong occupation, he has work in hand to get his premises back.

Some of the options to initiate the process of traveller eviction includes:

Initial Assessment and Resolution

Without panicking the first approach is to reach out to the travellers and request them to vacate your land. When a traveler has occupied the property with the intent of having it a temporary spot or as long as the owner returns, often the travellers agree to leave the premises without any resistance. While this step may seem like an approach for a perfect scenario, sometimes the most straightforward plans works. So without complicating things first, the landowner must discuss the situations with the travellers.

Certified Enforcement Agencies

If the travellers are hostile and are not willing to leave your property, you have the option to get the services of the certified enforcement agencies. These people have the training and licenses to solve these matters. They are well aware of the legal provisions to approach the property and initiate the travel eviction process. If you want a quick resolution of the case, it is in your best interest to get the services of these agencies. You are only required to check the local enforcement services in your area and get along in a contract with them, and they will try to resolve the matter is a matter of days.

Court Proceeding and Law Enforcement

You can take the matter to court, and initiate a legal suit against the travelers. With court orders, the law enforcement will come in action to remove the travellers from the property. The legal approach is the best way to get a firm constitutional order in your favor. However, the downside of this approach is that legal proceeding can take time, and in some cases even months before a verdict is given all the while you have to bear the legal fees and other documentation charges. Due to this many land and homeowner prefer out of the court solutions for traveller eviction.